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We Are Democracy Challenge Pins

We Are Democracy is putting its money where its mouth is. 

We know that America faced a potentially devastating shortage of poll workers in 2020, due to the omnipresent threat of COVID-19. Many long-standing volunteers simply could not participate this year due to health concerns or other complicating factors.

But our local communities stepped up. Thanks to organizations like Power the Polls, over 700,000 of your fellow Americans stepped up and filled that void. While our democracy remains under assault from certain quarters, it continues to draw great strength from the participation of so many new stewards this cycle.

Did you volunteer as a poll worker this November? We want to recognize your service to democracy, and we want to encourage you to remain active and connected with your fellow volunteers. 

That's why we are offering - free of charge - a limited edition Election Worker challenge pin to honor the commitment you made to your local community. This custom designed, union-made pin is available to the first 300 volunteer poll workers who confirm their interest via the form below.

We hope these pins help highlight the spirit of self-governance, and reflect a recognition that democracy cannot thrive without the intimate involvement of its citizens.

We thank you for stepping up in 2020. We won't forget it.

Request Your Election Worker Pin Today

Thank you for your service to democracy, and for your interest in this project. You will receive a response by February 1 confirming your eligibility for one of our challenge pins.  


We Are Democracy will use your contact information for one-time fulfillment purposes only and will not share or use it for any other purpose. 

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