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Despite facing an unprecedented confluence of challenges, America's election officials pulled off the most secure election in our nation's history. They made the most of inadequate funding, they installed safety measures to guard against COVID-19, they turned a potential shortage of poll workers into a surplus, they strengthened our cyber defenses, they fought disinformation, and they withstood a manipulative domestic political assault that called their competence and patriotism into question.


They protected our election.

Our election officials and poll workers are American heroes. Hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens stepped up across 50 states and 2,974 counties and accomplished something that deserves our collective praise.

We Are Democracy is a nation-wide effort to thank these public servants for their tireless work, and we would love your help. Our goal is to deliver tokens of appreciation to at least 50,000 election officials and local poll volunteers.

We need you to lead the effort in your community. Sign up to be a part of the effort, and check out our toolkit including postcard templates, scripts for letters and video messages, social media sample language, opportunities to organize events in your community, and ideas for homemade art projects and recipes!

This toolkit includes several ways for you to take action and strengthen that bond: 

For items that need to be mailed (postcards, letters, etc), our election official database will provide you with the appropriate mailing address and additional contact info. Please simply search for your county in the search/dropdown box below. NOTE: Residents of CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT should search by town, not county. 

Make Your Commitment Count

You can also sign up to organize a small outdoor event in your community through our partners at Public Citizen and Common Cause. They've put together resources and are gathering volunteers here. Please mention you came referred through We Are Democracy!

Finally, we have set up a fund to support the production and distribution of custom challenge pins in honor of election workers. We'll be sending these tokens to as many officials and volunteers around the country as we can; making a donation will ensure that your local official will be one of the recipients.


Sample Materials

Join the We Are Democracy social campaign on December 14


Join the We Are Democracy social campaign from December 14-17.


Record a brief video message of appreciation and share it with the world.


Send a personalized letter to your local election officials and show them you care.


Download our postcard template to add your own message and print at home.

Sample Materials

Creative Examples

Send us a picture of what you've done in your community, and we will feature it here. Remember to include a reference to 'We Are Democracy' in order to help reinforce the idea that this sentiment is shared nationwide.

Submissions can be sent to, or simply tweet it to @we_aredemocracy.

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