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Truth Powers Democracy

The destructive 2020 election cycle is behind us, but the damage it left behind will linger for years. In a best case scenario, American democracy will, over time, emerge even stronger than before thanks to an engaged and newly motivated electorate.

But best case scenarios don't just happen. People make them happen.

We Are Democracy exists to build trust, strengthen the bonds of community, and proactively solve the problems facing our local election officials. Our first order of business: we're offering a pro bono service to help those officials identify and address disinformation at the local level - before it spirals out of control.

Our 2020 Local Election Official Research Survey produced quite a few interesting results, but the most powerful common thread we saw in responses from county administrators across America related to voter communications: our election officials lack the funding, the support, the staff, and the expertise to fully engage voters on the social media channels where election information is most widely shared. 

This project addresses that urgent need by delivering customized assessments straight to the officials who need them, arming our local administrators with the critical intel they currently lack as they attempt to counter disinformation and answer constituent questions.

We know that local election officials are the most trusted voices when it comes to sharing information and countering disinformation. And yet, those voices have been muzzled by funding shortfalls and, worse, hostile state legislatures.

The status quo must not stand. Please help us by supporting this project with a tax-deductible donation today. You'll be a founding member of this one-of-a-kind effort, which we believe will form the backbone for a new era of American democracy - one based on truth, not maleficent fiction.

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